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Congessman McCotter and Michael Harris

Through our Government Relations & Advocacy program, MPVA works to ensure that paralyzed veterans are included in policy debates at the local, state and national level and that the all citizens with disabilities receive the benefits and rights they deserve.

Some of our key programs in the Government Relations & Advocacy department are our programs in barrier-free design, legislative issues and advocacy. In addition to monitoring key legislation, ensuring accessible design and advocating civil rights, our Executive Director Michael Harris works closely with elected officials and represents MPVA's members on a variety of boards and committees working on veterans' and disability issues.

If you, or someone you know, has encountered services or interacted with a business that has not been entirely accessible, please feel free to contact our offices.  We will help you to understand the ADA law, and teach you how to advocate on your own behalf.  Contact us at (800) 638-MPVA or email Michael Harris.

You can also write to your legislator about important issues regarding the disability or veterans community.  Find out who/where to contact your Michigan Representatives by visiting:


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